Our Cinema Studio offers cutting edge 4K cinema cameras and workflows, SANS conected editing suites with over 40TB of on site RAID 5 storage - 
In conjunction with automated offsite 



From print and brand development to digital and web, we create unique one of a kind designs that move your ideas and message forward.



Our project studio features top notch gear and a signal chain that ranges from Sennheiser and Neumann mic’s to our Apogee's 13 live pre’s and Universal Audio plugins. 

We are Mac based and 
implement LogicPro
as our DAW.



Not your average point and shoot.  We Specalize in producing photo content for our clients and their branding needs. Anything from production stills, architectural, online assets, print, portraits, and special events.



Through multi-dimensional layers, motion graphics can tell a unique story in a dynamic way. There are great ways to incorporate text and images as stand alone pieces or to be added to video content.

Special Events


Prepare for blast off. CAM and it's partners can host, produce, or capture unique events in relation to a client's current projects. Anything  from a luanch party to a music festival.  The count down starts now:  10..9..8..7......

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